Help Manual

Before you start, we've created some signs to help you understand the Help Content faster and easily

Input field
Values input field, the input values ​​can be limited only numbers or only letters

Drop down list
You can see selected value or choose from the possible values ​​in the list

Date selection field
Date input – selection field, depending on the device and operating system, type manually or choose any date you need to specify

Check box to disable or enable selection or some functionality

Radio Button
Select only one option from available group

Read-only field
You can see the value that appears but it can not be changed

Button – pressing key
Push button to apply the operation to the related fields

More info
A recommendation notes with details or additional information, does not require special attention but are recommended to read

Essential information
It is recommended to pay attention to current note and refer to the comment or information given

Pay attention
It is always advisable to read, because the information contained in the text is essential or important

With the current markups and help section you will start working with the software in a faster and easier way, but if you still have some questions regarding any issues you are always welcome to contact us.
We are always working on new capabilities and improvements for the system and trying to update the instructions in the Help section as soon as possible, due to human factor the Help is not totally up to date, we hope you consider it. Thank you.