Main Menu

Main menu is your main work window through which all your moving company is managed. The porter crew teams (you create in ‘Teams’ section) can only observe their daily works. While navigating the menu you can observe main working tabs some of them will be open in separate window. The Sub-Menu contains system wide company management, users, teams and verticals configuration, reports and many more.

Create a new moving office order quote
Create a new apartment up to one item moving order quote
Reminder tab will show any active reminders for current day
Search tab allows you to find any order using available search parameters
“New” orders tab will show all future and last two weeks orders that are not Closed nor Cancelled
“Closed” orders tab displayed as week calendar – The tab has a check box blocking orders view for teams*
“Canceled” orders tab
Daily orders “Statistics” tab will show any newly created orders or those that changed their status or final quote sum
“Meetings” tab for field agents assignment displayed as week calendar
“Orders” History tab will show all orders for calendar year
“Storage” tab
Click to open Sub-Menu
“Teams” – creating and managing porters teams
“Cars” – creating and management company vehicles
“Whence” – from where or how the customer come to order an move with you
“Users” – create and managing system users (not teams) and your personal account
“Settings” – general system configurations
“Language” – select any interface language (switch to email order in foreign language)
Check box “Help” to enable system wide help tooltip
“Logout” – Disconnect from the system

Moving software main menu view English language

If you close the browser or disconnect – logout from the system, the tab bar will always keep the last tab you visited next time you will re-login