Order – Storage

If the customer wants to store his goods with you fill in the main storage details here, all orders with storage are observed in main work window “Storage” tab where you can easily know whom and how stored in your facilities.
Check if the customer has requested to store the his good with you.

If the “Finished” storage date does not match the “Paid till” date, the order will continue to appear (colored in red) in the “Storage” tab. This applies to any unpaid storage.

Start – select storage entry date
End – select the storage end date
Message – add any extra comments if needed
Paid till – if an deposit has been paid or not full sum has yet been paid, set an appropriate up-to-date
Unit – select unit number where client’s equipment is stored

Adding storage for order quote

Once the customer has finished storing and payed for all your services, do not cancel the storage it will removed automatically from “Storage” tab