What is Pro-Move?

Exclusive Professional Moving Management Software is a system for managing a moving company based on the internet cloud and built to provide a solution for moving companies. You can manage customers, teams, leads, employees, vehicles, users, make job pricing, keep a diary, set schedules, set alerts, see reports and lots of other capabilities that will make your moving company business organized and efficient with minimum investment.

Does your moving company need the software?

Of course! If you want to get the all information in real-time about orders, customers and employees, see reports and analyze profits, allocate resources effectively, manage and get a general picture of the business, manage the teams in the field and actually make your company to become organized, efficient and more profitable.

Software for moving of any size!

No matter if you are running an office that performs large company relocation or performing on a regular basis a lot of trucking of a small number of items, it is very important to get coordination before you actually begin to make the move. Disorganization or work with a papers can not immediately provide a snapshot of the teams and trucks, and even the staff’s follow-up in the field, situation where one delay in customer can lead to a chain reaction of retardation. The software for managing a moving company allows you to provide immediate response and work in real time in all versions and worst case scenarios. So save yourself unnecessary worries and runs around and start running an office and make any type of moving of any size and level of complication with ease!

Great way to work!

Working in a cool designed environment with a honest atmosphere in the firm is more is benefit both for you and for the employees who work with you. Many resources and great thought have been invested in a moving software system program so that you can work smarter and of course at the same time while making more use from any order quote. Managing the organizational information and insights produced by your moving company will increase its quality in parallel maximizing the optimal utilization of the entire system available to you from the first moment of its establishment.

תוכנה לניהול חברת הובלה

A well organized and pleasant work environment!

Not only you and managers entitled to an organized work environment that includes all that is needed for efficient and continuous work. We also made sure to provide the same well polished conditions to the port crews in the field. We created “hot keys” and smart features that enable easy finding and navigation to any destination with popular providers such as Google Maps and Waze. Quickly dial and stay connect with the customer and many other capabilities you did not even think of. So that not only your firm benefit both your employees will enjoy the friendly and wise environment that will save everyone and especially you time and unnecessary tensions.

Moving software that suitable for your business!

If you are managing a company with a large number of transport trucks while at the same time conducting management and working with staff and team leaders. If you dealing with multiple customers while providing a variety of moving service types and solutions to both private and business sectors. In any situation you need to maintain representation and orderly work with each customer and this is especially difficult if the company handles dozens of orders a day. Or in case you managing a private small company with a single truck, you will still enjoy many advantages, and you will understand how to become a great moving company because everything starts from the service the customer receives until and ends with reports that help you understand how to optimize the business where to save and where to improve! In the bottom line it dose not important how large is you company it is important how to do it the right way!