Remind Tab

A reminders tab is designed to provide a solution for defining important things or actions similar to the function of an important future scheduling regarding moving order quote. Working with an important reminders allows you to define a variety of important things such as calling a customer who has requested a callback, mentioning to supply cardboard, to provide inventory or back up from storage and a variety of possible things.

Tab Orders with Remind

Tab showing Orders with Reminders

Next to Remind Tab you can see the amount of reminders. If there is not even one order with reminder enabled, no number will appear next to the bell sign.

If you need a permanent reminder and not a few days before (default) you can set a reminder on the date 00-00-0000 and then it will appear until it is canceled.

Order Internal Remind part setting and defining

On the Reminder tab you can see the date of scheduled reminder, the hours range and the reminder note itself without entering the order. In addition you can change the order status without entering the order itself. The reminder within the order itself belongs to the “internal” part of the order.
In case the order is emailed to the customer the reminder filed is excluded (as all internal variables will be reserved only for system users only and will not be part of email sent to the customer nor viewed by porter teams).