New Orders

A tab shows all new orders you make before the customer chooses to Close or Cancel the order quote. Orders are displayed in future up till two weeks back sorted order. All orders are visually divided according to dates and days.

New orders tab

Order status (New, Closed or Canceled) can be changed both through the order and from the tab field

New order quotes view in main menu tab

As with most tabs of the moving software you can see the most important details of the order. Of course, one of the most prominent advantages is updating the status of the order. If the order is executed (approved by a customer), you can immediately arrange the staff to perform the order and change the status to a Closed order.
If the customer cancels the order at the last minute, you can immediately see if any team (porter crew) on its way to the customer and call to notify about the cancellation of the order quote, as soon as you change the status of the order to the Canceled it will disappear from the screen of the team.