Statistics Tab

The orders Statistics tab is an essential tool for getting a daily snapshot and overview of moving order quotes that have been created or changed in your company during the current day and for each chosen day since you started working with the movers software.

Statistics Tab

All orders displayed in the Statistics tab are divided into a triangle of states in which the order can be New, Closed or Canceled. Of course the date of the order can be for now or for the future, please note that when choosing the date Statistics If you choose a future date you will not see any orders because it is a statistic that day not yet occurred.

Tab Showing Orders Statistics for selected day

Which orders gets to daily statistics?!

  • Newly created orders
  • Any order that changes its status New, Closed or Canceled
  • If final price was changed in order
  • If moving date was changed in order

If you only want to see all orders that where created today please navigate to “Closed” tab and hit on for selected date.