Program Features

תוכנת הובלות

Managing a moving company business is not an easy task at all, especially with big truck fleets and their crews. The number of challenges that both the company owner and the office workers face is much greater than in other businesses. Working with clients requires a lot of time, knowledge and patience, working with team porters in the field twice as much. The Exclusive Professional Move software was created to give you a solution and make it much easier to manage your company and provide the right solution both for your customers. The major advantage of software is that your entire work, support, report, and management is done through any device with a browser and no installation or maintenance required. There is no need for training nor hardware installations nor employee courses due to a friendly, stable, simple and user-friendly interface at all levels. Of course the use of SaaS technology – software as a service as opposed to traditional software, you can enjoy many more benefits from the entire perspective of your company business.

Advantages and features

Powerful user interface 100%

With ease choose themes for your work environment, take full control and define how emailed order quote will look like to a customer, benefit of simple and detailed order sorting up to an single item so it could preserve and fit perfectly to your current working environment

Easy fitting the system to your company 100%

Your office workers and sales section will love the system from the first moment, new employees will no longer have to spend time on any studies nor acquaintanceship

Evaluation of labor price 100%

Easy fill all order details for the move and get an accurate picture for a price quote that lucrative you and both the customer

Effective customer management 100%

All the capabilities and components needed to manage your customers in the right way, easy setup of new customers or updating of existing customers – retention of customers and attraction of new customers. Customers are one of the most important factors that makes a moving company succeed. This can be done, easily view the history of price estimates, the number of orders or repeat service and all in just a few clicks

Not just in English 100%

Expand your target audience and increase your chances of closing additional orders quotes with Russian and Hebrew support. Now you can work and send order quotes with build in translation to the Russian and Hebrew speaking population

From anywhere in the world 100%

You need a quick fix for quote or you want to be sure everything is going well in the company, no matter where you are and wherever you are, you can give solutions and be sure that everything in your company is running like a Swiss watch the only thing you need is internet access

Email order quotes with a click 100%

Not only that you can easily create and update orders at any moment, you do not need to break your head, how to construct a mail every time or save a special template, with one click you can send your order quote to the customer, even in Russian or Hebrew, without writing anything again.

Ease of use 100%

The software allows you to get started out-of-the-box and without prior knowledge, intuitive to professionals and easy to learn for beginners. If this is not enough, we also created for you help messages that at the moment of activation will assist your employees to get fast start jump learning the environment

Detailed team and crew management 100%

Defining the team’s activity from the scheduling of orders to the mileage of the truck on which the team works, the future scheduling of reservations that last beyond one working day, financial reports according to the team, and many other capabilities that you have not known until now

Increase the profits of your moving company

  • If you want to respond quickly to new order offers or provide immediate response to returning customers and thus be one level above the other companies.
  • If you need to run a large company and get out of the office without worrying about everything is running perfectly.
  • If you want to assign teams to future jobs easily.
  • If you want to receive detailed reports for your various business aspects, start from workers to porter crews in the field when you are abroad.
  • If you want to manage your company in a simple and both effective way.

Do not wait for a miracle. Order system for your business now!